Below is a list of the high level features of the APIs.

Objecttypes API

  • JSON-schema validation

    When creating a new objecttype, the JSON-schema is validated. Only valid JSON-schemas are allowed in the objecttype.

  • Versioning

    Objecttypes are versioned. This means you can create an objecttype but if the objecttype evolves, you can create a new version.

  • Admin interface

    You can create and inspect objecttypes via a user interface, meant for administrators.

Objects API

  • Objecttype validation

    When creating an object, the objecttype is inspected to see if all data is formatted according to the JSON-schema in the objecttype.

  • Formal and administrative history

    The history of each object is recorded on two axes: The formal (formele) history and the material (materiële) history.

  • Geographic search

    Objects can be searched with GeoJSON using an arbitrary geographical point or polygon.

  • Arbitrary attribute filtering

    Since the Objects API contains many different objects of different objecttypes, the attributes are different for each objecttype. The Objects API supports filtering on any attribute.

  • Authorizations

    With an API-token applications can get read or write access, per objecttype. These API-tokens can be configured in the admin interface.