• A definition, represented as a JSON-schema, together with metadata about the objecttype. Each objecttype represents a collection of objects of similar form and/or function.

e.g. The objecttype tree has 2 attributes: height and type. This will hold a definition for future objects.


  • A self-contained entity of data with its own identity, structured according to the JSON-schema of the objecttype.

e.g. A particular street has 3 trees. That means there are 3 objects of objecttype tree:

  1. height: 4.9m, type: oak

  2. height: 5.1m, type: oak

  3. height: 5.0m, type: pine tree

Objecttypes API

  • An API to retrieve (one or more) objecttypes.

Standardize various types of objects, on a national or just as easily on a local municipality level, and make them accessible as resources for other applications.

Objects API

  • An API to retrieve, filter, search, write, update or delete objects.

Easily store and expose various objects according to the related objecttype resource in the Objecttypes API.