Information model

The Objects and Objecttypes APIs can be represented as an information model (IM). The IM shows the relations between classes from both APIs and makes use of the Dutch standard Metamodel Informatiemodellering (MIM).

The Object and Objecttypes information model.

An organization creates and Objecttype. The Objecttype contains various meta data attributes and essentially describes the type of object and keeps track of the administrative properties. An Objecttype has one or more ObjecttypeVersions. Each ObjecttypeVersion has a version number and contains the actual attributes - stored as JSON schema - that are needed to represent an Object of this Objecttype.

Once an organization has an Objecttype with its first ObjecttypeVersion, Objects can be stored. An Object is defined by an Objecttype. The Object can change over time and these changes are reflected in Records. An Object therefore always has one or more Records of a specific ObjecttypeVersion.

History is modelled as described by the Dutch StUF standard for keeping both formal and material history and allow for formal corrections over time, without changing the material history.