It is difficult to know and to define each object in advance and create an appropriate API for it. This would cause significant slowdown of the implementation of the Common Ground principles and the IT-landscape would see a huge amount of APIs for each and every object type.

We are therefore introducing 2 complementing APIs:

Objecttypes API

At a national level, there should be a registration for all kinds of object types. The object types hold the definition of an object and these definitions can be obtained via an API, the Objecttypes API.

The definition of an object can be proposed by domain experts and approved by the VNG to become part of the national Objecttypes API. An organization can also use its own Objecttypes API to hold definitions of locally defined objects.

Objects API

An organization can set up one or more Objects APIs. Each object in the Objects API should adhere to a definition in the Objecttypes API.

Organizations can use one Objects API to store all objects, or set up multiple Objects API to separate between domains and/or open and internal data.

With the above setup, applications can now easily use objects that use the same definition in all organizations that rely on the same object type.