Here you can find a reference implementation of the Objects API deployment for a Kubernetes cluster using Helm.

This Helm chart installs the Objects API and is dependent on a PostgreSQL database, installed using a subchart.


The default settings are unsafe and should only be used for development purposes. Configure proper secrets, enable persistence, add certificates before using in production.


Install the Helm chart with following commands:

cd deployment/kubernetes/objects
helm dependency build .
helm install objects .

Use Kubernetes CLI to monitor the status of deployment:

kubectl get pods

If the Ingress is not configured you can use port-forward to check the status of the application:

export POD_NAME=$(kubectl get pods --namespace default -l "app.kubernetes.io/name=objects,app.kubernetes.io/instance=objects" -o jsonpath="{.items[0].metadata.name}")
export CONTAINER_PORT=$(kubectl get pod --namespace default $POD_NAME -o jsonpath="{.spec.containers[0].ports[0].containerPort}")
echo "Visit to use your application"
kubectl --namespace default port-forward $POD_NAME 8080:$CONTAINER_PORT